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My Port Canaveral Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you ONLY provide service from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral?
  • No - we can provide you with your Port Canaveral Transportation from anywhere in Florida. The most common areas that we service are Walt Disney World to Port Canaveral, Orlando to Port Canaveral, and MCO to Port Canaveral. We are a leading provider of cruise transportation to Port Canaveral and can service your cruise transportation from anywhere.
  • What kind of vehicles do you have and what kind of service can I expect?
  • Unfortunately you will not be able to compare vehicles and customer service between companies until you arrive in Orlando and at Port Canaveral. When we pick you up, you will notice a difference between us and other companies providing Port Canaveral transportation immediately! Our vehicles are immaculate and we do not operate any vehicles older than 3 years (you will certainly notice that many companies have very old and crummy vans which they unsafely operate between Orlando and Port Canaveral). Our drivers are in full suit attire and not only look the part of professional chauffeurs, but they will provide you with the highest levels of professional service. We will work extremely hard to provide you with the best levels of service in this industry - PERIOD.
  • Should I base my Port Canaveral Transportation needs based on price alone?
  • Never! Price is always a determining factor in any decision, but you must first consider many other factors as well. As previously discussed, vehicle quality/age and driver professionalism are also important. Does your driver even speak English? We have heard many complaints from our guests who have previously used another company for their transportation to Port Canaveral that their driver did not speak basic English. Remember, there is a reason why a room at a Hilton is priced higher than a room at a Motel 8. The same principles apply in our industry.
  • Why can't my family and I just use the cruise line option and use their Port Canaveral Shuttle Service?
  • You're more than welcome too! However, keep in mind that our service is immediate - we wait for you and no one else! You don't have to worry about waiting in any lines only to be moved to other longer lines to wait for your shuttle service to depart. By the time you're ready to board the shuttle at the airport, we'd already have you at Port Canaveral by the cruise line! Further, at $70 per person round trip that the cruise lines offer, it quickly becomes cheaper to use our services usually with 3 or more passengers. Best of all, you can also ride in limousines!
  • Why should I trust your company that I just found on the internet?
  • We are driven by excellence and providing the best customer service experience in the industry. We take pride in what we do and we want to take care of all your cruise transportation needs. The cruise industry has one of the highest repeat client rates of any industry in the world - we've taken guests on their way to their first cruise and guests who were celebrating their 100th cruise!!! We know that the chances of seeing you in a few months' time or a year are very high and your satisfaction with our service will have you calling us again. It's much easier to keep a customer than it is to acquire one - we'll have you using our services again!
  • How far is Port Canaveral from Orlando International Airport? How about from Walt Disney World area?
  • The ride time to Port Canaveral is approximately 45 minutes from MCO. Private transportation is the quickest and surest way of getting there. It generally takes just over an hour from the Walt Disney World areas to the terminals at Port Canaveral. For the longer trips, we definitely recommend one of our limousines - you can sit back and relax and watch your favorite Disney movie!
  • What payment terms do you accept?
  • Unlike most companies, we prefer credit cards to cash payments! We do this for a number of reasons. Firstly, it gives you our guest the piece of mind knowing that it is much easier to dispute a credit card charge than it is recovering cash that you've already paid. We are so confident in our ability to deliver on our promise that we want you to pay with your credit card and not cash. Secondly, why would you book with a company only requiring cash payments? How credible can such a company be?
  • Do you make grocery stops on the way to Port Canaveral?
  • We can as long as it's requested at the time of booking. We can provide you with a 15 minute complimentary grocery stop so that you may stock up on those last minute items. For a nominal fee, we can extend the duration of the grocery stop past the 15 minutes.
  • How do I know what time you will pick us up on the day the cruise concludes?
  • We will schedule your return pick up time to coincide with your flight departure times if necessary. If you have a flight departing before noon on the day of your return to Port Canaveral, we recommend an 8am pick up from your cruise line. Otherwise we normally recommend a 9am pick up time but will work on scheduling your time based on your needs, preferences and group sizes (larger groups tend to take longer to disembark). We will never change your pick up time without informing you via email and phone call.
  • How will I find our driver at MCO and/or Port Canaveral?
  • We always meet and greet all of our guests in the baggage claim area of Orlando International Airport. We monitor your flights and dispatch our drivers to the terminals accordingly - there, the driver will have your name sign and will greet you as you arrive in baggage claim. At Port Canaveral, our driver will meet and greet you in the commercial pick up area with your name sign as well. Our dispatch department will also get in touch with you the morning of your pick up once you've disembarked to help coordinate the pick up if necessary.
  • I'm sure your service is great, but if there are any service and/or vehicle issues, who do I contact and how are complaints handled?
  • If you've experienced a service issue of any kind, we recommend that you call us immediately and speak with our customer service manager. We handle any complaints and/or issues immediately and your service issue will receive immediate attention. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and do everything possible to make that happen - we will address any issues immediately!


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We offer some of the most extensive Port Canaveral Transportation options in the industry.  And best of all you will not have to deal with the hassle of trying to locate a Port Canaveral Shuttle or waiting in line for another hour if you missed the last shuttle to Port Canaveral.  All of our vehicles are private transportation to Port Canaveral and your journey from Orlando to Port Canaveral will be a worry free and with class.


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